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About Abita

The small town of Abita Springs, located just north of New Orleans in St. Tammany Parish, is known for its healing waters and charmingly historic demeanor. The beautiful town, located along the Northshore, is home to nearly 3,000 residents who enjoy life in an area of uncommon beauty.

History Of Abita Springs

Originally, the town of Abita Springs was the site of a Choctaw village. As far back as 2,200 years ago, Native Americans settle in the land surrounding the medicinal springs and lived off of the land's plentiful bounty of game and fish.

Around 1820, the first of many pioneers settled within the area. The first of the settlers to come to Abita Creek was Etienne Le Fleud and his family. Things changed for the sleepy Louisiana area when in 1887 a Covington physician tested the water in Abita Springs. The tests revealed mineral deposits in the water that held poignant medicinal qualities.

Soon, the town became a popular spot for those seeking health and refreshment. Sought after for both its healing water and agreeable climate, Abita Springs soon became a booming resort town.

Today, the town of Abita Springs still holds an appeal for those seeing a quiet life, fresh waters, and the serenity of nature. The charming, historic town is home to a number of artists, writers, and thinkers who have chosen the area for the inspiration it provides. The unique town is well-regarded for its historic charm, small-town way of life, and incredible natural resources.

Life In Abita

Abita Springs opens to the outside world through a series of winding country roads. The quaint town is known for the fresh healing waters that emerge upward into the town's center. Although the town is small, the more than 2,400 residents who call the town home understand the beauty of the small-town way of life offered by the close-knit community. For more information about becoming a part of this small community, Contact Carol Upton-Sieverding.

The picturesque community is home to a number of unique shopping and dining experiences that reflect the simple way of the small town. One of Abita Springs' most exciting locales is the Abita Brew Pub Restaurant and Brewery. The restaurant is well-known for its local seafood, fresh game, and wonderful local brews. The restaurant is located in the former 15-barrel brewery. The ambiance and food of the restaurant cannot be beat, and the restaurant and brewery have won several awards for their fantastic flavors.

Events Residents of Abita Springs also enjoy participating in a number of community events including Bingo Night, Cajun Dancing, and the town's regular farmer's market. The simple life offered in Abita Springs allows residents to enjoy all that the unique town has to offer and still easily access larger surrounding communities.

More Abita Springs Events - The Push Mow Parade
- The All Town Garage Sale
- Earth Fest
- Buskler Fest
- En Plein Air
- The Water Festival
- Abita River Chili Cookoff


Abita Springs Opry The Opry in Abita hosts six concerts a year and delivers up the sweet sounds of bluegrass, Cajun, country, and zydeco to the residents and visitors to the small town. The non-profit led group of performers is dedicated to preserving Louisiana's cultural and musical traditions. The performances often feature both southern Louisiana artists as well as artists from other parts of the country.

The Abita Mystery House and UCM Museum The Mystery House is housed within a converted vintage gas station. The funky and fun museum is a great place to bring those of all ages. The interesting and eclectic collection is sure to excite any who make the journey.

The Abita Springs Trailhead Museum The small folk art museum displays, celebrates and supports the culture and history of the quaint historic community.

Parks And Recreation Abita Springs is a place of uncommon beauty. The small community embraces and cherishes the area's natural beauty through a series of parks and recreational spaces. Residents of the community also enjoy a number of sports and recreational activities. Activities include baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, and t-ball.

Abita Springs Park Situated alongside the scenic 31 mile long bike path and the Abita River, the Abita Springs Park features perfectly kept green space, a pavilion, and easy access to the Abita Springs Trailhead Museum.

The Park is also the site of many community festivals and events such as the annual Abita Beer Chili Cook-Off, the Abita Water Festival, the Opry Fest, and the Abita Springs Gospel Jubilee. to name a few.

The Abita Playground Abita's one-of-a-kind playground was designed to fit the unique community. The community came together to create and construct the playground with the help of local school children. The children's unique ideas were incorporated into the design and gave rise to such features as the "Abita River Monster” and the "Choctaw Trading Post.”

The Splashpad The splash pad is a favorite among local children. The water jets spray water in an array of varying heights and patterned intervals. The cooling pad offers kids a fun and easy way to keep cool during the hot summer days. The water feature is surrounded by a number of shading trees and benches that allow parents to relax while keeping a watchful eye of their children.

The Tammany Trace The 31 mile picturesque bike bath reaches from Covington to Slidell. The Abita Springs Trailhead, located on the Trace, is a great place for running, biking, roller blading, and walking.
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